About Eugene Bicyclist

My name is Bob Passaro. I used to be a journalist. I’m a longtime lover of the two-wheeled contraption known as the bicycle. In the past, I’ve toured and ridden with clubs and raced — not well, mind you. I languished in Cat 5 as a road bike rider and Sport class as a mountain bike racer. But I did things like intervals on training rides and I kept track of my a.m. resting heart rate. So much free time I had when I was young!

Things change. These days most of my riding involves commuting to and from my job, something I’ve been doing for literally decades now. Yes, I do have a car, too. I’m not a fanatic. Anyway, I see things on my commute and have thoughts about them. I will post those things here.

If you want to know a little more about why I do this, check out an interview I did for the Oregonian’s Oregon News Network.

Contact me at: eugenebicyclist [at] gmail [dot] com