Recommended blogs and websites

Cycling blogs I like

  • Bike Portland: Frequently updated blog about urban cycling — mostly, but not entirely, Portland-centric.
  • Bike Snob: Very funny bicycling blogger from New York City.
  • BreadBike: Eclectic blog about bicycling and various things Eugene related. Makes nice use of video on occasion.
  • We Bike Eugene: Advocacy and news about Eugene cycling (currently in a state of hiatus, but it’s worth checking the archives if you’re looking for information about something bike related in Eugene).

Other Eugene cycling websites

  • Eugene Safe Routes to School: Advocacy and education regarding safe cycling for kids and families.
  • GEARS: Eugene cycling organization that sponsors noncompetitive rides, safety classes, etc.

Eugene blogs I like (not cycling related)

  • Culinaria Eugenius: A food blog focused on Eugene: eating in, eating out, cooking, canning, etc.
  • Northwest Book Lovers: Blog about books, authors and bookstores in the Northwest.
  • Ticket Files (an R-G blog): I don’t get out much anymore, but I can read about the shows I might have seen.
  • UO Matters: The “Unofficial Organ of the University of Oregon.” Written by a “mystery professor” (at least to me), it’s a cross between muckraking journalism and irreverent snarkiness concerning the UO administration. It can be pretty “insider” for somebody like me who doesn’t work at UO. But it’s often enlightening. Usually entertaining.