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Look, ma! No pants!

No, this isn’t another post about the World Naked Bike Ride. Today is the much celebrated holiday known as “the first day of the year that I felt confident enough to head off for work without either wearing rain pants or packing them in my bag.”

Hence this:

Stylish, huh? I’ll give it a 3 on the 1-to-5 dorkiness scale — compared with the “pant-leg roll” (4) or the “sock tuck” (5!).

Actually, I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with this little improvisation as I was heading out the door this morning:

  1. Punctured old inner tube that I’ll never get around to patching.
  2. Pocket knife.
  3. Voilà!

So. Enjoy the sun. And I hope I haven’t declared “Rain-gear-free day” prematurely — it’s happened before.


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