Catching up with Le Tour de Milk Crate

OK, let’s catch up with Le Tour de Milk Crate, which headed into the grueling hills of south Eugene where the contenders and the pretenders will be sorted out.

Here’s our dramatic action photo of the day:

Just past the feed station at 15th and Olive, a weary domestique, attempting to lug a musette up to his hungry team leader, finds himself well off the back.

* * *

So I was on Fourth Avenue, between Fifth Street Market and Skinner Butte, and I ran across this little mishap. This would be an example of sound advice not heeded …

Everybody appeared to be OK. Those are the folks who were in the car on the right. As for the construction guys working the High Street repaving job just a little farther down 4th from here, this appears to have given them an additional reason to stand around on the side of the road. (“Yeah, we’d better wait right here till the cops show up.”)

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