Hazards come in many forms; be vigilant

And now it’s time for …

“The Burma Shave Potentially Hostile Situation of the Week”

Dog in pickup truck stares down a cyclist in the bike lane(Click on the photo to see it bigger — it’s better bigger.)

I don’t think there’s much I can add to this, except to say:

  1. Yes, the dog did start barking furiously, and
  2. The cyclist, who was in a position to pass the pickup truck on the right as it slowed for traffic, instead hit the brakes and backed off, seemingly not eager to pass this alert pup. This almost caused me to crash into the back of this cyclist.

But it was fine. And once we were clear of the puppy dog, we rode two-abreast in the bike lane all the way up Coburg Road, chatting and almost getting right-hooked twice.

He was a real nice guy — the cyclist, that is. Not sure about the dog.

One thought on “Hazards come in many forms; be vigilant

  1. I recently wrote a post on Dealing with Dogs, but I did not cover this situation.

    Since you can’t exactly ride straight toward the dog (which is my normal MO with dogs), I usually lock eyes with the dog, and say firmly, “Hello, Puppy.”

    That won’t always keep the dog from barking, but you’ve made the first move. In dog psychology, that gives you the advantage. (As opposed to coming to a quick stop, which emboldens the dog.)

    You have to keep in mind that a dog thinks of the pickup bed as his yard. He’s not going to jump out of the bed. He just wants to make sure you stay out of the back of the truck. Saying “Hello, Puppy” helps to put you in the frame of mind that you’re not afraid of the dog, and you’re just passing by. The dog will pick up on that–although he may still be obliged to bark, as if to say, “Damn right, you’re just passing by.”

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