Le Tour de Milk Crate, 2011: Stage 7

When the racing is chaotic and full of crashes, we see the selfless teamwork that makes Le Tour de Milk Crate special.

When the leader of Team Bungee suffered a catastrophic crate failure in a mass pile-up near the University of Oregon’s glittering Jaqua Student-Athlete Homework Center, one of his domestiques, Jurgen Yogurt, dropped back to the team car to fetch a new crate.

A cyclist on a crate bike carrying a secon crate

Here, having swung his backpack around to his front to make room for the extra crate, Yogurt fights his way back to the battered pack, to deliver the replacement crate to his comrade.

“It was a crazy day,” Yogurt said. “There was a blinding flash of sunlight reflecting off the Student-Athlete Homework Center. No one could see. One rider crashed into another. And it was like dominoes all over the place. Half the pack went down. Crates shattering all over the place! Ugly, hard day.”

* * *

(DISCLAIMER: It should go without saying that all of the photos we present here in our coverage of Le Tour de Milk Crate are actual candid photos of actual innocent bystanders spotted in Eugene. No dramatizations or setups have been used, heavens no.)

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