Le Tour de Milk Crate, 2011: Stage 15

Competitors in Le Tour de France may consume, we are told, up to 9,000 calories per day. And they still lose weight.

Likewise, the importance of proper nutrition in Le Tour de Milk Crate should not be underestimated.

Here a rider — exhibiting the facile bikehandling prowess that comes with hours upon hours in the saddle — searches for a jar of kombucha during a long hot stage through the flats of Amazon Park.

* * *

(DISCLAIMER: It should go without saying that all of the photos we present here in our coverage of Le Tour de Milk Crate are actual candid photos of actual innocent bystanders spotted in Eugene. No dramatizations or setups have been used, heavens no.)

Catch up on all of this year’s nonsense.

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