A random digression on why I can’t start a second blog

You may know, if you’ve been reading here long, that there are two preschoolers who live in my house. You may further know, if you have some of your own, how refined and civilized small children are.

So imagine my shock when I stepped out onto my back porch to find this:

My god, maybe they were filming a horror flick?

This gave me the urge to start a second blog. I thought I would call it “Crooked Pigtails,” and it would be about being a father of two young girls. “Crooked Pigtails” would be the name because that describes my efforts to arrange their hair.

The most difficult thing about putting pigtails on a child is getting them even and symmetrical. I had never thought about this until I tried it. The other hard part is using those little rubber-band things. So I have discovered — for you people out there who have young daughters — that there is a better method of tying off ponytails and pigtails:

Twist ties! I was actually thinking of using some of the zip ties I had left over from making the crate bike, but those are way harder to take off.

So, that’s a sample of the kind of helpful information “Crooked Pigtails” would offer. But I can hardly keep up with the blog I have, so it’ll have to wait.

4 thoughts on “A random digression on why I can’t start a second blog

  1. I love the inclusion of the saw in the tub. It’s a good thing it’s a handsaw or it would have shorted out – which makes me wonder: do they make toy power saws?

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