Hey, cargo bike lovers

You might expect it is back-breaking work delivering large amounts of bulk food products with nothing but the strength in your own two hairy little legs.

Come on. No worries at all, as they say:

Anyway, here’s something I want to share, passed on by a loyal reader.

A woman named Liz Canning is making what she calls a “crowd sourced documentary” about the cargo bike lifestyle. A crowd-sourced documentary means anybody can send in video footage, and Liz Canning takes on the monumental task of editing it into a coherent documentary film. Here’s a video about this video project:

If that looks cool to you, check out the project on Canning’s website. It tells you how you can get involved.

Based on casual observation, we think Eugene has a lot to offer this project:

This guy told me he was carrying, aside from what you can readily see, an aquarium and — ironically — a bunch of auto parts.

We think Kirby Puckett himself — all 5-foot-8, 180 pounds of him — might be in there somewhere, too.

4 thoughts on “Hey, cargo bike lovers

  1. GreenCycle Services.
    hey, that’s m’ugly mug….well, the back of m’ugly mug, cleaning out a storage unit for a garage sale. Littlefoot ( the C.A.T.fiets) and the Burley Travoy getting the job done, hauled the load from Railroad Blvd and River Road to 35th and Amazon.

    P.S. Kirby was along for the ride, in m’heart as always!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I’m hoping to get some footage in. Maybe at an upcoming Kidical Mass ride I could do some informal interviews of cargo bike families.

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