Request for help from Mingo Pelkey’s parents

I got an e-mail this morning from Mingo Pelkey’s mother, letting me know that she had left a comment today on an earlier post about James Robert Gliech. I’m going to repeat the comment here, as I think more people are likely to see it if it is a fresh post:

Please, if anyone saw Mingo Pelkey’s accident on Aug. 29 around 7 p.m. on River Road close the Irving-Hunsaker intersection, or saw the driving behavior of James Robert Gleich prior to the accident, please contact the Eugene Police Department.

More witnesses the better. We do need help with this one. Please, please, talk it up and ask around for any witness to please come forward.

We, the parents of Mingo Pelkey, thank you for all your help and concerns.

* * *

For a list of all posts about the Mingo Pelkey case, go here.

3 thoughts on “Request for help from Mingo Pelkey’s parents

  1. I wasn’t there so I did not see the accident, but God works in mysterious ways. I live 300+ miles away, but have recently come across some important evidence to this case. It has been passed on to the police department. I hope it helps with the families closure to this tragic accident.

  2. Mrs and Mr Pelkey, I am really sorry for your loss, I also lost my son 10 years old in similar circumstances This note is not related to the to yours daughter’s case. I am coordinating the Ride of Silence, it is a bicycle ride to honor the life of those who have died while riding their bicycles. I would like to know if you would like to take part of it.
    Please contact me if you are interested, you do not have to do the ride but you could say some words to the participants.
    Thank you
    I feel your pain

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