Upon further reflection: See and be seen

We just posted about fenders and staying dry in the rain. The other important thing about winter cycling is being seen in the dark.

We don’t usually do commercial-type posts, but I’ll give you a quick heads up about an event going on tonight — Thursday, Nov. 17 — from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the bike shop Arriving by Bike, 2705 Willamette St.

It’s a reflective decorating craft night. We’ve got 3M adhesive and iron-on reflective material in 10 reflective colors and a couple dozen shapes. Half-inch tape to lightning bolt, dinosaur, stars, spacemen and bicycle shapes. Use the bulk material to create your own designs on your clothing, fenders, and bike frame. All reflective tapes and shapes will be 25% off for the evening.

So take your bike, helmet, clothes, fenders, etc. to “reflectorate,” as Arriving by Bike calls it.

Lights are also on sale, according to Arriving by Bike’s Facebook page.

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