News links: Learn bike repair; the plan for 24th Avenue

Couple items of note:

  • The city is working on a plan to add bike lanes to the stretch of West 24th Avenue from Friendly to Chambers. But the Friendly Area Neighbors executive board has sent a letter to the city opposing the idea. There’s a good recap of the situation on the GEARs blog. If you’d like to have bike lanes there, advocates want you to speak up and let the city know.
  • Want to learn to be your own bike mechanic? The University of Oregon Bike Program is offering a bike repair class, one night per week for six weeks — starting this Tuesday (today) and Wednesday. There are two sessions, one running on Tuesday evenings and one on Wednesday evenings. It’s $65 for students, but it’s open to anyone if you join the UO Outdoor Program first — which is an additional $15, so $80 total. It sounds pretty thorough: “The format is hands on; you will disassemble and reassemble nearly every major ‘system’ on the bike, learning how and why it works and how to keep it working well,” says UO Bike Program coordinator Ted Sweeney. For details or to sign up: 541-346-4365 or

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