Snow day!

Yes, there are intrepid souls out there today — like this determined young man trying to ride up the hill at Lawrence and 20th or so, by Washington Park.

He struggled. He fought.

And he met some strange newcomers in the street …

Share the road! It’s a multi-modal snow day.

Be careful out there. Anybody else out and about riding?

7 thoughts on “Snow day!

  1. Some off-road mountain biking. Bike quickly became a free-hub, brakeless as the packed snow stopped anything controlled by a lever.

  2. It’s like Eugene Sunday Streets in the winter (or first day of spring), strongly supported by mother nature!

  3. Great pictures! I can’t believe how much snow you got! It’s just been dribbling rain all day here, although we are getting a bit of snow now.

    Happy spring riding!!

  4. I made it about a mile on my mt. bike yesterday morning. Untracked roads were ok but slow. Any snow that had tracks of any sort through it was very difficult to steer in. I abandoned my bike at a friends business and walked the rest of the way. Walked there this morning and picked it up and enjoyed the ride to work through the remnants.

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