Breakfast at the bridge and T-shirt extortion

It’s time once again for the By-God-Summer-Better-Arrive-Soon Prayer Breakfast. Also known as the June Breakfast at the Bridges.

It happens Friday, June 29. That’s today — assuming you are reading this today.

Go to the “bridge” at 24th and Amazon, on the bike path by the softball fields, between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. You will be offered free bagels and coffee and juice and Toby’s tofu pate. There are free bike tune-ups, too. It’s a city-organized event to encourage bike and pedestrian commuters.

The good folks running the event may also hit you up for cash. That’s because they are launching a fundraising campaign for the Sunday Streets event — another event to encourage what is sometimes called “active transportation.” That’s the kind of transportation in which you have to be more active than depressing a gas pedal.

I received two different e-mails about the fundraiser. One said they are trying to raise $25,000. One said $14,000.

The bait-fish known as “scad”

Either way, it’s more than I have in my bank account. So I have done what I can. I have donated some Eugene Bicyclist T-shirts to this campaign. The good people at the city of Eugene are using these shirts as bait — much like anchovies or scad.

So if you are lured by the scent of one of these shirts — and donate 50 bucks or more to the Sunday Streets fund — you get one of the shirts!

Can you believe that? This struck us as a rather steep price for a Eugene Bicyclist T-shirt. But do we know? We know very little. Which is why our bank account does not have $14,000 in it.

Anyway, it’s a good cause. Sunday Streets is when they shut to cars a big loop of roads in the city. Bikes and pedestrians then come out and take over. Last year’s event was in the Fifth Street Market-to-Whiteaker neighborhood. This year’s is planned for the south University neighborhood on Sept. 9. They need money to make this a sustainable annual event.

Whatever the overall fundraising goal, the city wants to raise $4,000 of it from people like you. Ordinary people. Average Americans. Regular joes and jills. If those kind of people rode bikes, that is.

If you can’t make the breakfast, go to  to donate. Or call 541-682-5094. Or e-mail

Finally, you might be saying: “But, dude. I don’t really want a Eugene Bicyclist T-shirt.”

That’s OK. You can choose, the city tells me, a vintage 2011 Eugene Sunday Streets volunteer t-shirt (limited availability) or a bike map bandana.

So go forth and donate. Eat bagels. Have a nice Friday. Bring your rain gear. It’s June.

By the way, Breakfast at the Bridges will be held the last Friday of every month through September. Others coming up:

  • July 27 at the Greenway Bridge, the bike bridge across the Willamette by Valley River Center.
  • Aug. 31 at DeFazio Bridge
  • Sept. 28 at Frohnmayer Bridge (Formerly known as Autzen Footbridge)

Some fine print we always feel bad about if we leave it out: Today’s breakfast is sponsored by Full City Coffee, Toby’s Family Foods, Bagel Sphere and the city of Eugene.

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