Le Tour de Milk Crate, 2012: Prologue

The opening day of the Tour de France on Saturday was held in Belgium, naturally. The first day is called the Prologue. It was a sprint of a mere 4 miles, which is nothing but an amuse bouche in the Tour de France.

And it was one by a specimen of studliness named Fabian Cancellara …

Likewise, Le Tour de Milk Crate got under way Saturday in Eugene, and its Prologue, which involved crossing the street at 13th and High, was won by this dude:

And so it begins, the third annual edition of Le Tour de Milk Crate.

It kind of reminds us of the bad old days of the Tour de France:

And by they way, Cancellara — here’s what his collarbone looked like just this past March:

Like many things, it was nothing a little screw wouldn’t fix:

No, I didn’t mean it that way. What do you take me for?

On with Le Tour. Both of them.

* * *

(DISCLAIMER: It should go without saying that all of the photos we present here in our coverage of Le Tour de Milk Crate are actual candid photos of actual innocent bystanders spotted in Eugene. No dramatizations or setups have been used, heavens no.)

Catch up on all of this year’s nonsense.

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