The Last Breakfast

Put tomorrow on your calendar, assuming it’s not already there. By tomorrow, I mean Friday, Sept. 28.

It’s The Last Breakfast at the Bridges of the summer.

If you remember from Art History class, this is the Last Breakfast:

It depicts, of course, Jesus and the apostles having bagels and coffee, while chatting about the virtues of active transportation.

Well, Jesus, probably won’t be there tomorrow. But you might find this:

Oh, I’m really, really sorry. I heretofore promise that I will no longer take photos of people eating bagels.

Anyway, the details:

  • 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Friday, Sept. 28
  • At the south end of the Frohnmayer Bike/Pedestrian Bridge
  • Free bagels, coffee, bike tune-ups, bike registration, etc.
  • Sponsored by the city of Eugene, Blue Heron bike shop, Bagel Sphere and Full City coffee.

In case you don’t know, the Frohnmayer Bridge is what they renamed the Autzen Bridge. Here is where the event will be:

Hey, here today’s fun fact, something all Eugene residents should know: Who was “Autzen”?

From the impeccable source known as Wikipedia, we learn that one Thomas J. Autzen was a plywood baron who in the 1950s donated $250,000 that lead to the original construction of Autzen Stadium. Like many self-made men, he inherited a lumber company from his father. But he went on, apparently, to invent a glue-spreader that proved an huge leap in the manufacture of plywood. So now you know.

4 thoughts on “The Last Breakfast

  1. No need to feed the kids breakfast then. The schoolbike will swing by early and make a detour to the bridge ;)

  2. I always wish they had these a) When I wasn’t already going to be at work, or b) Somewhere I was commuting. Never been able to get a) and/or b) coordinated. Also, have they ever done one of these at the Richardson Bridge? Because that might be on my commute if I detoured.

    1. Hi Alpha,

      We generally have a Breakfast at the Bridges once a year by the “Blue Heron Bridge” which is where the path to Westmoreland Park and the Fern Ridge Path intersection.


      1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there has ever been one at Richardson Bridge. We tend to get neglected, bicycle-wise, out here in West Eugene.

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