Have a doughnut, just as soon as you’re back from France

Maybe you’re the kind of cyclist who likes to pretend that you are not merely poking along the streets of Eugene on your way to your mundane and sedentary job. Maybe your dreams run bigger than that. Maybe you imagine, rather, that you actually are ripping into Limoges, France, on a solo breakaway. You are clinging to a slight lead ahead of the frantic, charging peloton. There’s 3k to go! You hear the roar of the crowd! Your teeth are bared to the wind! There’s a helicopter overhead! You are on the verge of coming out of nowhere to win your first stage in the Tour de France! (So what if you’re a little sweaty when you get to work; the fans are going wild!)

If that’s a normal part of your day, a pass under the MLK Boulevard underpass on the Coburg Road path can add this extra bit of atmosphere — and that much more excitement to your sad and lonely life …

Street grafitti! Awesome! If your name happens to be “Jason,” so much the richer will be your personal fantasy.

* * *

OK. Maybe you are less prone to delusion. Maybe you prefer simply enjoying the fresh, pollen-choked air. If so, you can swing by the Breakfast on the Bridge this Friday (June 25) sometime between 7 a.m and 9:30 a.m. for free coffee, bagels and donuts. It’s going to be at the Greenway Bike Bridge, which is the one that crosses the Willamette River between the Valley River Center parking lot and Maurie Jacobs Park at the north end of Polk Street.

This event is supposed to be repeated on the last Friday morning of every month this summer, at a different bridge each time. I’ve seen these in past years and have usually ridden straight past in smug superiority. But I never really knew what they were.

It turns out it’s a good cause: curing cancer. As I understand it, for every person who bikes (or walks) across the bridge that morning, Oregon Imaging Centers will donate $1 to the cause.

I think I’ll go a little out of my way Friday and have a doughnut.

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