Happy New Year and other breaking news

And so, in the coming year, we do resolve to ride our bicycles somewhat more frequently …

Eugenebicyclist.com wishes you a Happy New Year and the best of luck in achieving any and all resolutions you might have set out for yourself to trip over.

* * *

So to update the situation at Fifth Avenue and Pearl Street …

where new hotel construction has caused the southbound bike lane to be removed (temporarily, we hope) in order to make way for the northbound Prius and all of those construction trucks.

You will note that a new sign has been erected to remind motorists that southbound cyclists are able to hog the whole lane here — which I think you would be well within your rights to do even without the sign, but it’s nice to have it right there in black and white.

* * *

As long as we are rolling around downtown, I see that the city has started installing those bike rings so that those posts from which the parking meter heads were removed can once again be used to lock your bike. I noticed the first few had been installed on Charnelton.

Now, if there were only a reason to park your bike here, the once venerable “wine merchants” of Broadway Market having fled for more prosperous environs. Meanwhile, the “for lease” sign, like so many others, beckons.

By the way, I mentioned a few posts ago that I thought the bike rings looked flimsy in photos, but I said I would reserve judgment. In person, they do in fact seem stout enough.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year and other breaking news

  1. I have been riding in Eugene for 25 years or so (minus a sojourn in Bend–but then I was riding in Bend) but only recently came across your blog. Great stuff, and I plan to be following from now on. I wonder whether you have done a story on UO athletic department’s free use of motor vehicles on the bike paths between campus and Autzen, and the city’s blasé attitudes towards it? Just my pet peeve du jour.

    1. Thanks. Haven’t done anything about motorized vehicles on the paths. I’ve heard others complain about this. I must not frequent the paths in question enough. I keep my eyes peeled though.

  2. I can tell y’all a bit about that. The “bike” paths are built as service roads, which is partially why they are so expensive to maintain. They are intended for use by utilities and emergency vehicles. I guess somehow the UO service vehicles count.

    Next time someone bitches about how much we spend on bike paths, hit ’em with “they’d build that stuff anyway to provide access the parks (river parks and amazon park) and amazon channel (fern ridge path), even if bikes and walkers didn’t use them.” It’s true.

    I’ve got more on that down the page in this story:

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