Fashion comebacks and personal responsibility

Maybe I’m behind the curve on this, but do we think that the waxed mustache is making a comeback?

The other day, I saw a guy hop off his bike, walk up to the window at Newman’s and place an order for fish and chips. His mustache was waxed and twisted into sharp little points. He also left his bike helmet on during his transaction. I always admire the self assurance of cyclists who don’t remove their helmets when they get off of their bikes and engage in ordinary day-to-day commerce.

A couple of days later, I saw another guy riding a bike on Fifth Avenue, also with a great waxed ’stash. So there. I think that means we can call it a trend. Unless it happened to be the same guy.

But at Hiron’s I also noticed this, prominently displayed by the overpriced razor blades.

So something is going on. This is overdue. It’s been, what, 100 years since waxed ’stashes were really last in fashion? (With the notable exceptions of Rollie Fingers and Salvador Dali.)

Forgive me if all this mustache-waxing has been going on a while. I’m not always on the cutting edge of fashion. Although in 1990 or so I did have a pair of these:

These were cool.



Still, these were godawful ugly. Which, of course, means they are probably due for a comeback, as well.

Speaking of LeMond and fashion comebacks: Don’t you think — given the seeming ambivalence about helmets among some cyclists today, and even the contention in some quarters that they do more harm than good — that we might soon be seeing the return of this:

The leather hairnet, of course. This would make a comeback not as a protective device, but more as a retro-cool fashion accessory. I’m picturing fixie, old-school leather helmet and matching top-tube pad. But maybe I’m behind the curve on this as well — because I see there is one posted for sale on the DIY, crafty clearinghouse Etsy.

But I do not recall seeing any of these around Eugene lately. Anybody spotted one?

(Excuse me … I must stop here for a second as counsel is whispering in my ear … what’s that? Oh, yes, he is advising me that I must state here, emphatically, that I do, in fact, wear an intact ANSI-certified helmet whenever I choose to mount, ride or maintain my bicycle and whenever I write posts for this blog. He further advises that I suggest that you do, too.)

Hey, speaking of personal responsibility:

The other day, passing by Fifth Street Market, where they are building that new hotel, I saw a notice posted to the temporary chain link fence:

A notice of non-responsibility, signed by Brian Obie

In case you are reading this on your new Verizon iPhone4 and can’t make all that out, this is titled “Notice of Non-Responsibility” and it goes on to describe all of the ways that the property owner will not be responsible for “a lien for any labor performed …” etc., etc. And perhaps for the fact that the very chain link fence this is posted on has caused some consternation among cyclists as it prompted the temporary removal of the Pearl Street bike lane).

This is exactly what we need more of in this nation, I’m thinking: Notices of Non-Responsibility. I just may pin one of these to my kid’s sweater the next time I drop her at preschool. “The owner of said child shall not be subject to any lien for tantrums performed, walls or furniture drawn on, food spilled …” etc., etc.

By the way, regarding that Pearl Street bike lane closure: The black paint used to eliminate the lane has been wearing off.

At Pearl and FifthYou can’t keep the cyclists down, man!

(But counsel advises that you do not try to ride there, yet.)

4 thoughts on “Fashion comebacks and personal responsibility

  1. A few months ago I saw somebody come out of Sundance Market and put on a jet fighter helmet before getting on his bike… like, with the slide down sun visor and everything.

    The only thing that would have made him cooler is if he had worn it to do his shopping.

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