Le Tour de Milk Crate, 2011: Stage 5

Welcome to Le Tour de Milk Crate, 2011, Stage 5:

Well, it was a day for the sprinters in the Tour de France today, and the man who burst from the pack in the final meters to win was a really fast cyclist by the name of Mark Cavendish.

Which is a coincidence, because today’s stage of Le Tour de Milk Crate was won by a competitor known affectionately as “Buns” Cavendish …

Buns hanging over into a bicycle mounted milk crate

Buns has given new meaning to the phrase “hauling butt,” as she has shown that, when properly positioned, a bicycle-mounted crate can be used to transport your own posterior.

10 thoughts on “Le Tour de Milk Crate, 2011: Stage 5

  1. Two questions: (1) How is that comfortable? Inquiring about the comfort of the bicyclist, the photog, or the photog who gets to talk to Sharrow about this. And (2) Is she wearing gold lame?

    1. I think it’s some kind of gold sateen. But, really, it’s the least egregious of crimes here. The first and foremost being that Eugene is taking photos of women’s backsides and posting them on THE INTERNET.

  2. Hey Mr. Bicyclist, any chance I could use a picture off your blog (with you credited as the photographer of course) for my news aggregation story on our journalism class blog knightlibrarybootcamp.wordpress.com? It hardly gets any traffic so I can’t say you’re going to get waves of new eugenebicyclist readers, but it’d make my day!

  3. I think the concern should be that this person is clearly a criminal- wrong way riding on the sidewalk/crosswalk?!?!

    Glad to see the post with a butt getting so many comments though, the Internet brings out the juvenile in us all.

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