Watch out for backhoes — and other odd bits of news

Now that it’s summer — and taking a good look around the house — we think it’s probably time for some spring cleaning. But rather than get out the vacuum and Windex, we will just clear away some detritus from the computer folders in which I keep random photos and other bits of nonsense.

First of all, in case you missed the note in the sidebar, the occasional commenter known as “jonesy” won the sign identification contest. I was happy to deliver a T-shirt to his front porch, where I expected to just drop it in the mailbox and sneak away unseen. But I was caught red-handed by jonesy’s wife.

“He won?” she asked, seeming surprised. He did. He missed only two of 15. Check out the answers back on the original post if you are so inclined.

* * *

We notice that construction season is in full swing. Remember back in 2008, when the overriding issue during the last mayoral campaign was … potholes? Remember that? When potholes were our biggest concern?

Mayoral challenger Jim Torrey appeared in the Eugene Celebration parade riding on a backhoe with a bucket full of asphalt, symbolizing his dedication to filling those potholes. It was a real “can-do” kind of political message. Mayor Kitty Piercy, of course, had to answer with like promises. We all passed a bond for road repairs …

… and now we have to live with the mess, don’t we? Coburg Road. River Road. Willamette, down south of 29th. 18th Avenue. Pearl Street. Alder and 13th by campus. It’s going to be torn up all over the place. So be careful. And watch for these:

And these, lovingly placed in the bike lane:

This is looking east on Shelton-McMurphy Boulevard, just west of Pearl, by the way. And yet, the road didn’t actually seem to be closed ahead.

This block of Pearl is definitely close, though:

* * *

As long as we are talking construction, the new bike path to link the River Road-Beltline area to the Riverbank Trail is coming along nicely. Here are some views (in February on the left, and this month on the right):

Lee Shoemaker, the city of Eugene’s bicycle-pedestrian coordinator, tells me the path is scheduled for a grand opening in October.

While a lot of this looks pretty far along, they still have to build the connection under the Beltline that will actually link these new portions of path to the Riverbank Trail.

* * *

I notice there is this new place, next to the Hutch’s bike shop on Charnelton.

Apparently they organize group rides and bicycle tours, do bike fittings and pedal-stroke analysis, and offer personal training and indoor training.

I’m not much for riding indoors in July, but perhaps by February that would be looking better.

* * *

Graffiti on the new Delta Ponds bridge says "CONNOR'S BRIDGE"The last time I was on the new Delta Ponds bike-pedestrian bridge I noticed that it has picked up some graffiti already.

Somebody has stenciled “CONNOR’S BRIDGE” onto one of the main concrete supports at the apex of the bridge.

I was pondering this, and I started wondered if somebody did this honor of the Connor from South Eugene High School who drowned in the ocean over by Yachats last February.

But that’s pure speculation. Is it something else entirely?

* * *

Speaking of bridges, we were so excited to see the “yarn bombing” on the Defazio bike pedestrian bridge. But by the time Eugene Bicyclist got over to see what was going on, all that was left was this little napkin, way up high.

* * *

OK, it’s time for today’s notable bike of the week:

A bicycle decorated with character from the movie Monsters Inc.We believe this is the character Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal) from the kids’ film “Monsters Inc.”

* * *

OK, if you have gotten this far, a special opportunity for you! Here’s a photo of a person out for a ride on an XtraCycle while walking a dog. As long as we’ve been giving away T-shirts, the first person who can correctly identify this town, gets a T-shirt (hint: it is not in Oregon). Leave it in a comment:

14 thoughts on “Watch out for backhoes — and other odd bits of news

  1. I do remember the ’08 pothole debates, but apparently not that well. Really, Jim Torrey? You were making a point about the poor condition of street surfaces by *driving heavy equipment loaded with asphalt over them*? Smooth.

    1. Bingo! This is the main intersection in town: Main Street and Sun Valley Road. It used to be the only stoplight in town. But that was a long time ago. (Sun Valley itself is actually a separate city about a mile away.)

  2. Yep, it’s Ketchum. Never been there, so I cheated. I guessed it was Idaho from the license plate of the parked truck, looks upscale in a Bend/Sun River kinda way so it, and I could make out “Sun Valley” on the place that turns out to be…a Sotheby’s?!?

    But oh well, Heather beat me to it.

  3. Ha! I’d fess up to cheating (Google Maps) as well, but didn’t see any rules against it… First “cheater” wins?

  4. Google Maps is a useful tool. I have a Eugene Bicyclist Cratie t-shirt to prove it. Here’s the scene, taken by a far inferior photographer (put this into and then click on Street View):

    291 North Main Street Ketchum, ID 83340

  5. Ha, and here I thought I was so unimpressive that I had no idea what small progressive mountain town it might be. Let the judge decide, but first cheater wins works for me. I’m certain I’d definitely look unimpressive in the shirt, so it’s just as well.

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