Real news: I-5 path under repair

Three access points to the bike path that parallels Interstate 5 from Willakenzie to Harlow roads are being repaired this week. ODOT suggests that it might be best to find an alternate route till Thursday or so.

This from ODOT spokesman Rick Little:

Our contractor is repairing the part of the path that was damaged early in the project. We were supposed to pour concrete [Tuesday], but I believe the weather isn’t cooperating. So, hopefully, we’ll pour tomorrow morning and all should be back to normal by the end of [Wednesday].

Technically the path is not closed. … However, with all the equipment blocking the path, it would take a determined or adventurous traveler to find a way around. …

Bottom line, we’ll have it all back to normal hopefully by Thursday morning if the weather cooperates.

I like to think I’m “determined and adventurous,” so — after I made the initial post here — I headed over there on my way home tonight. It’s actually not that bad. But then, all of the work crews had gone home for the day when I went through. It just meant crossing this 20-foot stretch at the entrance off Willakenzie at the north end of the path:

I imagine if there were a concrete truck and a bunch of workers, it might be a little more hectic getting through.

Likewise, the two access points from the neighborhood to the west have similar sections undergoing repair.

And a little farther south, the access point from Chateau Meadows Drive:

Thanks to the reader who brought this to our attention. He suggested that these parts of the path were broken by heavy equipment when they were building the big sound wall between the I-5 corridor and the neighborhood just to the west.

You can still get on the path at Harlow and via the I-5 bike bridge that goes over to Gateway Mall without any problems. And aside from the three access points being repaired, the main part of the path is just fine:

One thought on “Real news: I-5 path under repair

  1. OMG! Bikemagaeddon! Everyone stay home and hide under a stack of milk crates! Do not, under any circumstances, try to bike to Burbank. Or Cabela’s. Or something.

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