The third wreck

Some more information trickling in regarding James Robert Gleich.

We don’t have many details, but Springfield police say there is a record that he was in some kind of motor vehicle accident there recently — in which he was apparently cited. That would make three crashes in recent weeks, in addition to the two in Eugene that we already know about.

This e-mail rolled into my mailbox today from Judy Kenney, records supervisor at SPD:

I have checked our local records for the subject of your inquiry [James Robert Gleich] and find one moving violation. However, it is an open case through the Springfield Municipal Court and not currently available for purchase.

In regards to the accident report(s), Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles limits the release of DMV information through the Oregon Record Privacy Law. Based upon Department policy established after that law went into effect, we are unable to release the DMV accident report to you. You may want to contact DMV directly to see if any portion of the report is releasable through them.

I called Kenney back, and while she did not give me any details, she did acknowledge that there was a record of an accident. Information regarding the citation itself could not be released either, she said, except that there is a trial scheduled in Springfield Municipal Court for Sept. 27. But she said that after the case is resolved, the citation and its disposition — that is, how it was resolved — would become public record.

Then she added that she could e-mail me the record of the original call to police regarding said accident. I said that would be good, as it would show the time, date and location. So I waited. When her e-mail showed up, it wasn’t quite that:

I pulled the ‘report’ from the accident and DMV would not have the report so you don’t need to bother contacting them for information. I will do some more follow up on the release of this accident and get back to you later this week. Thank you for your patience.

I quickly responded asking, “What about the call information?” Then 5 o’clock rolled around with no response, so we’ll just have to wait. I like to think I am a patient person. But I’m curious why she put “report” in quotes like that.

* * *

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8 thoughts on “The third wreck

  1. Maybe it was that way because the citizen call isn’t the “official” part of the report. Perhaps there’s some question as to releasing a recording of that person’s phone-call at this point in the case. Potential evidence?

  2. Keep it up – you are doing good work. I hope the press picks up on this, and I hope they focus on how the police, DMV, etc. allowed this to happen – not just pointing the finger at one guy and leaving it at that.

  3. Keep up the good work, excellent investigative reporting, too bad RegGuard, Eug Weekly,KLCC and others are not picking this up.

  4. Since finding this blog through Google, I’ve been able to keep up on the developments of this case while living here in California. This accident probably cuts into me even more than you or your readers. You see, years ago, Mingo was the flower girl in my wedding. Though I kept up with her growing up through my parents who still live in C.G., I will never know what a beautiful woman Mingo grew up to be thanks to this (pardon my French) asshole. She will always be my little “sister” who would come over to learn how to crochet because I was left-handed just like her.

    I hope this guy gets the death penalty for his offenses. In my book, it was murder.

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