Call log for the third accident

The records people at the Springfield police came through. They sent me the log of the call that came in regarding the third recent accident in which James Robert Gleich was involved.

We now know it happened on June 13 at Pioneer Parkway East and Q Street in Springfield.

In the record below, Gleich is the “COMP” or “C/” — which is to say the complainant, the one who called in.

In it, Gleich apparently tells the dispatcher that “there is a dispute over fault” and he further says “he is very upset because other party is accusing [Gleich] of running red light.” The log also says he is in a “red sports car.” (He was driving a red Nissan 350Z during the accident on MLK in July.)

The log of the call goes on to say that Gleich “advises he is very hot headed and does not want to get into a dispute with the other party.”

You don’t say?

I was wondering about the line at the bottom of the call log, which says “disposition changed to AIDS.” The records people say that means this incident was originally called in as a “dispute,” but the officer who responded changed it to an “Accident Information Data Sheet,” which is to say an accident report.

* * *

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4 thoughts on “Call log for the third accident

  1. You should totally write an opinion piece for the Reg on this. I bet they’d jump on it as a “rebuttal” to that glorious “trucks run bicyclists off the road so bicyclists shouldn’t use the road” article…

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