Should we all go for a ride sometime?

That last post notwithstanding, my bicycling life is not entirely about commuting and shopping. Sometimes it’s about heading out into the countryside and getting dropped:

That guy up ahead receding into the distance is one of our frequent commenters here, “LVC.” He’s pulling away on that little rise on McKenzie View. I met LVC just a few weeks ago. This was our second ride together. By the way, LVC has a bike blog of his own (see his post about this ride).

It’s a strange thing: You people who comment here, I feel like I know you. A few of you I have met briefly. Others I’ve e-mailed with. Others I’ve discovered are friends of friends — which always happens in Eugene. You cross paths with someone and discover you know people in common.

So I started thinking about organizing a ride — so I can meet some of you and you can meet me and we can all meet each other and be reassured that we’re not just a bunch of bots.

I was thinking a fun, easy ride around the Riverbank Trail or something, ending up at Sam Bonds or the Ninkasi tasting room for a beer and a warm meal.

All kinds and styles of bikes would be welcome: Bakefeits, fixies, old cruisers, squeaky retro Schwinn 3-speeds, bikes with kids on them, and of course — I hope this goes without saying — bikes with milk crates.

On the other hand, maybe it should be a real, live Tour de Milk Crate — the only requirement being that you somehow transport a milk crate for the entire length of the ride. Who knows? This is only a little baby chick of an idea, hatched as I rode McKenzie View with LVC yesterday.

Anybody interested?

16 thoughts on “Should we all go for a ride sometime?

  1. Well, that’s enough people for a ride right there. We’ll try to make this happen. When, I’m not sure yet. At this point, I’m thinking probably waiting out all the holidays and doing it sometime in the new year.

    1. been searching for this thread for a spell. just wanted to see if this ride was still a possibility?love going out on solo rides, but there is a special place in m’heart for group rides. perhaps it stems from all the fun and trouble i recall while roaming the streets of Brainerd, MN on my trusty, hand-me-down frankenBMX bike, as a youthful lad. RIDE ON!

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