News links: Gas prices, Willamette Street bike lanes

Couple of items of note:

  • Gas prices headed to $4+ per gallon in Oregon by spring, according to the Register-Guard’s Ilene Aleshire.
  • The Eugene Weekly’s Alan Pittman reports on an urban design plan being developed for the south Willamette Avenue area (24th to 29th avenues) that seems to ditch the idea of finally putting bike lanes on Willamette.

2 thoughts on “News links: Gas prices, Willamette Street bike lanes

  1. “But a “design workshop” in October was apparently dominated by business interests who opposed bike lanes on Willamette or the three-lane solution, according to a city “summary” of the event.”

    Pretty cute how business and cycling are still seen as mutually exclusive entities. We’ll see how uneconomical cycling is if gas prices do leap on top of the annual “great awakening” of springtime cyclists.

    1. Agreed on all points.

      Why can’t “these business owners”* wake up and see that cyclists and pedestrians are consumers, too? I’m especially bitter about this one because I live in West Eugene, close to W. 11th and the proposed EmX line. The businesses along there totally don’t see me or my neighbors as existing.

      *I put that in quotes because I totally realize that not all business owners feel this way and I’m trying to categorize a particular anti-bike/ped and pro-car group.

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