A report on Sunday Streets: Wow, no cars on Hilyard

How’d you all enjoy Sunday Streets?

If you went, the city wants to know what you thought. Help them out by filling out a quick survey.

If you didn’t go and you don’t know what Sunday Streets is, it’s a special event held once a year in which pedestrians and cyclists take back the streets from cars. It’s this:

Oh, wait. That’s not Sunday Streets. That’s 13th and Kincaid at 10 a.m. every day.

Yeah, that’s way more people than show up at Sunday Streets.

Here, this is Sunday Streets:

Oh, wait. No. That’s not Sunday Streets, either. That was coming home from Sunday Streets. That’s just an ordinary day in Eugene.

I’ve really got to organize all these photos. OK, Sunday Streets 2012. Down in the South University neighborhood.

Yes, yes. There we go.

It was surreal to have Hilyard Street closed to traffic. When is the last time a kid on a trike rode the double yellow line on Hilyard?

Hey, wait a second. Did you notice that guy on the left?

That guy — and I have no idea who it is — was wearing a Eugene Bicyclist “Team Crate” T-shirt.


If you recall, Sunday Streets 2011 was in the Whiteaker neighborhood. It was a little weirder. Stuff like this:

The Whiteaker is the Whiteaker, though. This year, it was mostly normal people.

For instance, this guy …

… looking like he’s having the time of his life in the My Favorite Magazine Is Popular Mechanics Bike.

And then there was Boom Box Bike

And, of course, Big Bin Bike:

And the Just When You Thought Crate Bikes Couldn’t Get Any More Laid Back Bike:

And the I Really Don’t Care If You Think My Bike Looks Goofy; You’ll Never Know How Nice A Recumbent Is Because You’re Too Close-Minded to Even Give One A Try Bike:

Which I confess is probably true. I really need to get over that.

And finally, the I Wonder If Anyone “Likes” My Facebook Post About Being At Sunday Streets Yet Bike:

Now, if you have ever been peeved by my unreliable and erratic blogging schedule, I need to show you this guy, who I also spotted at Sunday Streets. If I am not mistaken, this guy used to be a bicycle blogger.

He gave it up for what appears to be far more profitable pursuits.

By the way, remember those ads on the blog on the old version of the site? I made 20 bucks in three months, so I decided it wasn’t worth the annoyance.

Ride safe, everyone.

One thought on “A report on Sunday Streets: Wow, no cars on Hilyard

  1. I was there in my Team Crate shirt, although I was not on my long-tail bike as promised, so I can see why your quick-draw camera missed me. It was a blast. My larger offspring unit and I biked the whole figure-8 loop (minus the hills on 19th and University) tried out the kids’ traffic garden at Amazon, and spent plenty of time at the two parks, which were bustling with activity. We even found a friend/neighbor who was giving out free cookies in front of her house!

    There were definitely a LOT fewer crazy bikes than there were last year.

    We need to do this more often. It was really fun.

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