Party in the street — this Sunday

Sunday Streets returns this weekend.

On, yes, Sunday (Sept. 9) from noon to 4 p.m. they will clear a few streets of motor vehicles and give free passage to bicyclists, pedestrians, strollers, crawling babies, dogs … heck, even bring the backyard chickens if you got ’em. (I know you have chickens.)

For four hours, it’ll be like a post-apocalyptic world without cars. You can ride the centerline, weave all over the street and have a great time. This year the route, three miles total, is a figure-8 through the South University neighborhood. Here’s the city’s map of the event:

There will also be live music, dancing, yoga, probably some chickens. Eugene Celebration may be over, but summer’s not. So go.

More info on the city website.

Last year, was the first Sunday Streets in Eugene — through the Fifth Street Market-Whiteaker area. It was fun. Remember this guy?

4 thoughts on “Party in the street — this Sunday

  1. The updated map on the city’s web site shows where the hills are. If you have little kids (like 3-6 years old, or if your chickens ride bikes, the equivalent in chicken years), be aware. The hills on 19th Ave and University St are not to be trifled with.

    Most little kids should be able to ride the hills on Agate St, but you might want to turn around at 19th (after stopping for ice cream at Prince Puckler’s, of course) and go back on Agate or sneak through the neighborhood on Emerald St. to avoid the big hill.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Jonesy.

      Yeah, a great thing about Sunday Streets is that you don’t have to follow the route any particular way. You can start anywhere, go any which way and stop and turn around whenever you like.

  2. Forgot to say:

    Everybody come out! It’s good fun, and great people-watching.

    I’ll be there in my green Team Cratie t-shirt, probably towing a rugrat or two behind me on my bitchin’ Xtracycle. Say hi if you see me.

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