Real news: On the river path to Springfield, a new detour

If you ride between Eugene and Springfield, ODOT wants you to know there are some changes afoot, as construction of the new I-5 bridge over the Willamette progresses.

Starting Monday (Aug. 1) the Riverbank Trail under I-5 will be reopening. This has been closed for a while, you may know.

And the Canoe Canal Trail — which has been the approved detour — will close. Here is a map ODOT has supplied that shows how things will be working come Monday.

You will not be allowed on the Canoe Canal Trail at least through Aug. 26.

The only exceptions will be granted to people who can say “Canucks contest canasta on the Canoe Canal” six times in a row really fast after drinking three shots of scotch. ODOT is supplying the scotch! (I shouldn’t have to say this, but, no, not really.)

So just take the Riverbank Trail. Apparently there will be flaggers and signs and whatnot.

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